Sample Schedule For All Tracks


Monday | Wednesday | Friday

8am-10am: Learning Center
10am-10:30am: Shuttle
10:30am-2:00pm: Adventure | Creative
2pm-2:30pm: Shuttle

Tuesday | Thursday

8am-12pm: Learning Center
12pm-2:30pm: Study Hall| CAA Production | Lifeskills


Monday | Wednesday | Friday

10:30am-2:00pm: Adventure | Creative
2pm-2:30pm: Shuttle

Tuesday | Thursday

8am-12pm: Learning Center

All-In Track

In the All-In Track, your child will be partaking in our:

  1. Learning Center: All academic needs and support will be facilitated
  2. Adventure | Creative Programs: Immersed in our skills-based outdoor education programming
  3. Character Development | Lifeskills Programs: Immersed in our workshops, projects, and daily alignment on character


   Fostering Curiosity, Excitement and  
  Growth Mindset about learning


   Teaching kids about their personal
    power and the power of serving others 

              Helping kids to define their path so they
              are set up to carve their own course 


9th   The Artisan path allows for the students with the desire to grow in a specific skill set to run full speed ahead toward the craft or skillset of their choosing.  We come alongside our Artisan students and will help them carve their own path that will increase their skills, provide internships, and practical pathways towards becoming excellent in their craft.

Examples: Graphic Design, Film, Pottery, Photography, Creative Arts

10th   The Entrepreneur Path is designed to activate the students with the drive to create their own revenue streams and who want to see their creative ideas become actionable.  We guide these passionate students with the support and processes they need to activate their ideas and put them into action.

Examples: Future Business Owners, Sales, Non-Profit, Start-Up Concepts.

11th   The Expert Path engages the students with the mind and predisposition towards the academic and scientific pursuits that would typically lead them towards a college path.  We come alongside these students and ensure that their academic achievements and goals are in alignment with their goals and vision for their future.

Examples: Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Engineers, CPA’s

12th   The Carve Your Course *Senior Year is designed to empower and focus on the Path that the student thrives in and wants to continue as their main career.  Senior year will be filled with Internships, Mentors, and experiences that set them up for success in life.

    • Cost: 
      • One Time Enrollment Fee: $225
      • Monthly Membership: (Sept-Jun Commitment)
        • All-In Track: (*$100 off per child)
          • All-In Full Day: $775 (per month)
          • All-In Half Day: $550 (per month)
    • Curriculum:
      • Parents purchase curriculum individually 
    • Location: Tutor | Learning Center
      • K-5th: 621 Twin View Road, Redding CA
      • 6th-12th: 150 E Cypress, 2nd Floor, Redding, CA
    • 4 of 4 Roadmaps Included
      • Homeschool Roadmap:
        • Curriculum Selection
        • Private Home Affidavit Submittal Process (due Oct 15)
        • Tutoring | Parent Coaching
        • Grade Reporting Support
        • Testing Center
      • Tutor | Guide Roadmap
        • Curriculum Pacing
        • Quarterly Parent Meetup | Coaching with Tutor
        • Child Tutor Sessions (individual and group)
        • Tutors Integrated in Adventure | Lifeskill Days
      • Lifeskills Roadmap
        • Financial Wellness
        • Workforce Readiness
        • Healthy Living
        • Healthy Relationships
      • Adventure | Creative Programs Roadmap
        • Alternating weeks between Adventure & Creative Programs


20/21 School Year

We've Got You Covered

Adventure | Creative Track

3 Days A Week: Immersive, skills-based Outdoor Education through our Adventure and Creative Programming.

More info

All-In Track

5 Days A Week: Immersive, STEAM & Skills-Based Program.  Education occurs in our learning center, and Outdoor Education and application of skills, through our Adventure and Creative Programming.

More info

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